Simplification/Unstuffing Resistance

“…but you can’t get rid of …”

The hardest thing in the Unstuffing-simplification process are the voices of resistance in your head that say “What? Are you mad? You can’t get rid of…” and there you can just fill the blank.

“Deleting that novel you wrote? It might be a masterwork, surely you’ll want to revise it and have a go at publishing it one day!” No thanks! That very thought has been using up a corner of my brain for the last 5 years and I haven’t done anything about it so far!

“Are you sure you won’t use those camera lenses again one day?” I haven’t used them in 3 years, and uncle Quique has just bought a new camera and is going to love using them right now!

“Shredding old diaries? Are you mad?! You’ll want to read those when you are old/your children will love them.” No thanks! I do not want my children knowing what I got up to when I was 18! And people who never wrote diaries are perfectly happy without them.

These voices of resistance are not ours. It’s our mum, best friend, Society… listen carefully to them and you’ll soon recognise who they belong to. If it’s not me, I can ignore them, and happily get on with releasing the article/idea in question.

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