What do I actually need to be happy?

As I go through the massive simplification/un-‘stuffing’ process, lots of interesting questions have come up.

For example, what does one actually need in life to be happy?

Certainly not all that stuff. As I reduce and reduce, I’ve been thinking forward to a point where I’m left with the bare essentials. It seems to me that I really only need:

:: Family and good friends

:: Simple food and shelter (including clothing), and work to provide/keep it

:: Nature / Contact with the natural world

:: Something creative (which can be just ‘life as a work of art’)

:: The present moment

One thought on “What do I actually need to be happy?

  1. Quick reminder to self – I want to write more about ‘life as a work of art’, a theme I’ve found cropping up in books by very wise people.


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