The “5 Things To Be Happy About” Trick

I sometimes forget to do this for myself if I have an off day, but I’m annoyingly quick with it on the rare occasions I notice my wife frowning, or looking a little less than her usual happy self.

“Quick!” I say, “Tell me 5 things you are happy about! I’ll do it too!”

And I make her give me a list of 5 things she can still be happy about right now, no matter how bad life is looking, or whatever terrible things might be going on.

When she’s come up with her list of 5, I come up with 5 of my own, and before you know it, we are both much happier!

There are always 5 things to be happy about – we are going out to lunch tomorrow, it’s lovely weather, I’m really enjoying the book I’m reading, I’m fit and healthy, I’m seeing some great friends this weekend – it doesn’t have to be more complicated than any of that!

Next time you feel down, depressed, grumpy… try the “5 Things To Be Happy About Trick” – it works wonders.

(And you can even use it when you are already happy too, to feel even happier! Try it now!)

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