Happiness is: One Small Change – One Great T-Shirt

I’m writing this from a local public library, which amounts to one of the single most significant changes to my life in the last 7 years.

I’ve been coming here for the past few weeks, first thing every morning, laptop in the backpack, no longer sitting down to work in our living room, three feet from where I’ve just had my breakfast.

It’s the first change of many I’m noticing, a big shift that is occurring, a definite improvement in my overall level of happiness.

After the Easter holidays this year, I was talking to a good friend who had just been on holiday. He told me that when he was away, all his backaches and headaches, which plagued him in everyday life, had disappeared, but that as soon as he got back, they started again. I told him the same had happened to me, with similar aches and pains.

It was obvious that being on holiday meant a change in the conditions of everyday life, and that in order to keep the aches and pains at bay when we got back, rather than watching how they immediatly returned again, it would be necessary to really change some of these fundamental conditions as soon as possible.

And the biggest change I’ve made – though it took me 6 months to work out where to start – has been coming to work in the library.

Others seem to be occurring naturally since I began – I’m drawing again, writing more, involved in new projects (like enjoying photography again through Making Time To Live), and having great fun working through The Artists Way – the famous book on creative recovery which is also having a wonderfully unblocking effect.

Did all this start with the morning trip to the library? Did something else cause this shift?

All I know is that I love it. Every morning the first thing I do is to get out and see what the world is doing. 3 days ago I passed a girl walking up the street towards me wearing a t-shirt with the simple slogan “happy!!!”

It made me smile. “Yes,” I thought, “I’m happy!” And now every morning as I head out to work at the library, I have an image of her passing me in the street, with her t-shirt reminding me first of all how much better, healthier, and alive I feel after making this one small change to the conditions of everyday life, and secondly that I have to get one of those t-shirts!

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  1. Thanks Christina and Nicole! Yes, I think that might have been the T-Shirt – I haven’t seen the film yet, but you are right, I think I’d like it, so I shall!


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