In Case of Emergency: Go for a LONG Walk

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or got up on the wrong side of my head, or something like that, but the day did NOT start well. Once again I’ve got 28 projects on the go (literally, I counted my “cows” the other day and came up with 28 things on my mind!) and I had no idea where to start, what to work on, etc etc etc.

I walked into the library, walked out, walked back in again. Sat down, didn’t do what I set out to, and watched my blood pressure rise bit by bit. It was not enjoyable.

So I went home and did a lot of washing up, which helped a bit, but not enough. It was clearly one of those days. Then I remembered how some of the boys (never the girls!) at my son’s school are made to do 5 laps of the playground before they come into the  class for the morning, to get rid of some of their crazy energy, and I thought, “I’m just like them! Full of crazy energy again! Time for a LONG walk.”

So I went for a long walk in the park, an hour to be precise, and felt ENORMOUSLY better and knew just what to do with my life again. Which was to come and write about the whole experience here on (a reminder for next time I get into such a ‘pickle’) and take things from there.

Sometimes I see enormous resemblances between young children and puppies – playfulness, the need to run around, ravenous appetites etc – but today I saw an enormous resemblance between me and adult dogs – I need walking, regularly, to stay healthy, happy and sane!

2 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency: Go for a LONG Walk

  1. Couldnt agree more – during a very stressful time 18 months ago – caused by the pressures of managing a full time job and three octagenarians 25 miles away – the hour spent walking the dog at 6am and again at six pm kept me sane – though Mrs C might have a different story!!


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