Forget the Money…

I’d forgotten how much I loved the British Philosopher Alan Watts until my friend John pointed me to this video last week. It’s an interesting question, what would you do if money were no object?

It occurred to me also that if you can’t answer that question, don’t worry – perhaps you are already doing it! I’ve found that in periods of my life when I’m doing just what I dreamed of, I still can’t switch off the ‘I should be doing more’ striver in me and remember that I already have enough… But I’m learning, I don’t always need more!

But if you do have an answer to the question ‘what do you desire – what would you do if money were no object?’ … can you give yourself permission to really go for it? Who else’s permission do you really need?

4 thoughts on “Forget the Money…

  1. Alan Watts is popular among California readers of Buddhism, the Beats. and the like. I also love almost anything from Jon Kabat-Zin.

    In Errant in Iberia you fretted at one point over buying the piso in Lavapies. I believe you felt it would tie you down and change the “errant” nature of your life up to that point (though it seems that fear was unfounded). But that’s the thing: as much or more so than the perceived lack of money to do what we want to do, we also have perceptions of what our responsibilities are at any given moment and how these preclude us from doing things we want to do.

    Money and responsibilities no object, I think I would be learning more Spanish in Spain right now and wandering around with a good camera, sketch book, and blogging about it. Wait! That’s you!

    I think I can hear Mr. Kabat-Zinn and Watts whispering in my ear right now….now is the only time we have. Seize it whether it’s “here” or “there”!


  2. I love Jon Kabat-Zin too, his ‘wherever you are….’ book is great. Yes, responsibilities is a tricky one. I think we do have to be responsible once a family is part of the equation, it’s hard to say ‘I’m giving up all my wages to write poetry for nothing until I get successful’ when you have to put food on the family table, but there are ways around that – working part time, ‘four hour work week’ type strategies etc.

    And yes, that’s me, the one in Spain with the camera etc, but half the time I’d rather be in Canada, or Australia, or wherever! The grass is always greener!


  3. Yes–it’s always greener. I try to remind myself of that when my inner voice asks why I am not living in San Francisco (or Madrid!) instead of San Jose, Ca.

    I am actually reading “Wherever you are…” right now. Funny you mention that one. Enjoy today!


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