A Very Happy Building

I was driving thourgh Madrid recently, worrying about something or other that seemed hugely important at the time (but almost certainly wasn’t 3 weeks later!), when I stopped at a red light, looked up, and saw this message on the building across the roundabout infront of me:

Happiness in Spanish

“Todo va a ir bien” = Everything’s going to be fine

…and when I read that, I really felt it! And I felt enormous gratitude for whoever had put that huge message up on that random building in the middle of Madrid! All buildings should be adorned with happy messages like that!

In any case, it was just what I needed to hear right then, and it did the trick. My worries just melted away. Like when you open a spiritual or therpeutic or self-help book at a random page and read the one thing you totally need to hear right then.

So, if you ended up here by total chance and are worrying about anything at all, then, like my new favourite building in Madrid, all I can say from here is:

Todo va a ir bien – Everything’s going to be fine

2 thoughts on “A Very Happy Building

  1. I would love to see a sign like this ANYWHERE here in the USA. We just had a difficult election and lots of people are a little depressed (including me – my guy didn’t win). Maybe I will make one of my own and display it in my car or on my home! Thanks for the nice article here and I hope you have a great day!


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