What do you want to achieve today?

I used to be tormented by the question ‘What have you really achieved today?’ But now I understand there is another way of looking at it…

May I be calm and smiling when the rest of my family wakes up, that is the greatest gift I can offer them.

And with luck I’ll be able to offer a warm smile to everyone else I greet.

Perhaps I’ll have a chance meeting and happy conversation with a friendly neighbour in the street.

And stop to enjoy the light on the autumn leaves.

If I have time to stop completely and meditate for 20 minutes, to touch my inner peace, that is already enough.

If I create space to sip a cup of tea in silence and see the steam rising over the rim of the mug, and take in the perfection of that present moment, the day is complete.

If I can fill a day with such treasures, and really see the wonders of life surrounding me in the present, then all other conventional ideas of achievement evaporate into insignificance.

May all my days be spent like this, and whatever great plans come to fruition in the meantime, will be a happy bonus.

Today has mostly been like this. It’s been a wonderful day.


5 thoughts on “What do you want to achieve today?

  1. I agree. It is truly the small things such as a smile or a chance meeting that touches the soul and makes a person complete. Thank you for reminding us.


  2. Thank you Ben for posting this today. I’ve been home the last four months with my newborn and at times felt like I have done nothing all day in the conventional sense, especially when my baby is especially demanding that day. But as I prepare to send my baby to daycare I feel like I’ve accomplished the most amazing thing: spending 4 uninterrupted months with my baby. As a working Mom I will only have nights and weekends with him going forward.


  3. Good LUck Stephanie! That sounds lovely. Thank you for posting this. Funny, I had exactly the same thought this morning and don’t know where it came from (except that I knew I woke up a bit anxious).


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