A Very Good Plan


I found this wonderful text a couple of years ago on a Plum Village facebook page, saved it, and came across it again yesterday (just when I needed it of course!):

Many of us are always in a hurry. We hurry to finish one thing to do something else, and one task always follows another. If we have nothing to do we cannot bear it so we fill our time with countless projects and errands. 100 years pass like a dream. I do not want to live like that. I want to live at ease and deeply every moment of my daily life. I want to practice living happily in the present moment. I want to do less work, and work in such a way that every moment of my work brings me joy.

Life really is an incredibly precious gift and I miss lots of it everyday with so much rush and busyness. Living happily in the present moment, calmly, sounds like a very good plan to me.

2 thoughts on “A Very Good Plan

  1. If we can just quiet the mind, this would make it easier to accomplish. I think we are problem solvers by nature. So, we always want something to work on, to solve. And this has been the root of our evolution, perhaps.

    Nonetheless, a very good plan indeed.

    Saludos desde California,
    Jose Vasquez


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