Today is a magical day

Leaving for school, golden autumn leaves pressed to the windscreen of the car by the pouring rain.

Autumn is a huge folding-in of the energy of the earth! Leaves fall with the rain, all soaking into the ground ready for the great regeneration of spring. The appearance of autumn’s death, the silent pause of winter, then the Great Unfolding starts all over again in spring! There’s no death in the dying of autumn, just a precursor to the next generation, to the great cycle of rebirth, the bursting green creativity of nature just down the line.

Today is a magical day. Rain, falling leaves. Alive, breathing, here to see it all. No need for praise, success, fame, fortune, new things, just this. Just the wonders of the season, the warmth of the people we meet, just this, the perfect present. Plenty of reasons for happiness!

One thought on “Today is a magical day

  1. Beautiful insight Ben.
    Makes me happy knowing you are well, dwelling in the present moment.
    Un abrazo del corazón, Eddie


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