Nothing is Lacking

Recently I came across this gatha (mindfulness practice verse) for saying to yourself as you lie in bed at night:

Resting in the ultimate dimension,
using snowy mountains as a pillow
and beautiful pink clouds as blankets.
Nothing is lacking.

It contains such beautiful images! But the part that really struck me after saying it to myself in bed one night, was ‘nothing is lacking’. It felt absolutely true.

And the phrase keeps coming back to me. Sometimes when I’m wondering if I need anything else to be happy. From seemingly silly things, like another piece of cake at a children’s birthday party yesterday, to bigger dreamy things like a holiday home to escape the summer heat… No, nothing is lacking.

And sometimes it pops into my head when I’ve found myself just being still, looking around at the garden or something, and realising, ‘Nothing is lacking’, this moment’s got it all.

3 thoughts on “Nothing is Lacking

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Ben. I always gain so much from reading your posts and feel guilty because I so rarely say “thank you”!
    Happiness always to you and your family. X


  2. Absolutely

    Nature is all we need. Sometimes when I walk through my local park and the trees appear on parade! I feel so humble to be walking passed such beautiful icons…listening to the birds too puts a smile on my face. We are truly blessed by these wanders of our world.


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