All life


Sierra de Guadarrama, one hour from Madrid

I once heard, ‘there is no life without death’, and I couldn’t really work it out. The opposite is easy to understand, there is no death without life. But how could death cause life?

I sat by the river in the picture last week and this idea came back to my mind. I thought of the river eventually flowing into the sea, the ocean, from where it would evaporate and turn back into rain, or snow, that would fall on the mountain tops, and return once again to the river, where it would again give life to trees, grass, mayflies…

Because the river ends in the sea and is reborn as rain and snow, all life follows!

2 thoughts on “All life

  1. Sadly we are poisening the oceans with plastic and oil. I’m afraid that soon we will only find death there. Lovely photo Ben. Did you dip your toes in?


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