Lightening and Space

Lightening Tree


This morning I went up to the mountains around El Escorial, and found this lightening-charred tree. It’s actually only about 8 feet tall. The branches to the left seem to threaten it with further strikes.

Having been in and out of bed for a few days with some sort of virus, I knew that the quickest way to a full recovery was to get up into those wonderful oak woods on my own, to surround myself with nature and space. The summer holidays can be long and intense for the whole family, and it’s essential to get out alone sometimes to renew oneself – or lightening starts to strike inside the house!

The space and the mountains did their wonders, and I feel almost 100% again. The Victorians knew full well the role of ‘good fresh air’ in recovering from illness, they were wise.

Two things, short and long, both perfect:

1. A quote I found on the net…

“The peace I feel as I take this breath is how I measure my success.”

How liberating to forget fame, wealth, or endless possessions as yardsticks for success! … just moment to moment peace…

2. A Talk from Plum Village

This summer we were in the Plum Village summer retreat again, for the first time without the presence of Thich Nhat Hanh, the Zen Master we’ve been lucky enough to see speak and walk there many times. He is recovering from a stroke, and talks are now given by his senior Dharma teachers.

On the last day we say an extraordinary talk by a senior monk. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s called the “Swords of Wisdom”, and contains true wisdom born of his own amazing personal story of recovery from illness, and what he has learned as a monk and disciple of Thich Nhat Hanh over many many years. The first 16 or so minutes is a story for children (who are always invited to the first part of the talks in Plum Village in the summer retreat), the part for adults starts around 18m18s, here (though the kids’ bit is pretty good for adults too!):

3 thoughts on “Lightening and Space

  1. i cannot find the dharma talk – i tried searching under plum village dharma talks “swords of wisdom” and it doesnt come up. Any hints?


    1. Hi Eliz,

      The video should be embedded at the bottom of the post, but otherwise go to youtube and in the search box put: sword of wisdom dharma talk

      (sword singular, not swords for some reason)

      That should give you as the top result the video which is called: “Sword Of Wisdom” – Dharma Talk by Thầy Pháp Đăng – 2015 07 30 UH EN


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