A Flower for You

Clavel, Flower, Ben Curtis

I got an idea last night to put some colour back into my drawings. I got another idea to send flowers to everyone in the world! (Which made me think, that’s what artists have been doing for centuries! Sending the colour and beauty around them back out into the world!) So here is ‘un clavel‘, from a bunch on our living room table, for you! Whoever you may be, wherever you are.

12 thoughts on “A Flower for You

  1. Thanks Ben! Very nice to see some colour, spring is on its way. What do you do with all your drawings by the way? Do you have a sketchbook? If you want to get rid of any, I’ll take (or buy) one. 😉


    1. Thanks Phillip, I do most of the drawings in a sketchbook, so it’s hard to think of tearing them out! But if I ever think of sending some physical copies out into the world I’ll let you know!


  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful flower! I am a fan of your blog, its drawings, its writings, and the places about which you write and from which you write. I have a passion for Spanish, Madrid and looking inward to live life well. Gracias por seguir con este blog.


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