Thrilled with Life

Mountain Oak Trees, El Escorial, Ben Curtis

Two short mountain oaks, up in the rocky mountains above El Escorial.

When I’m up in the mountains I feel like me.
When I’m drawing I feel like me.
When I’m swimming in the sea I feel like me.
Who is this me?
It’s a feeling. Of being alive, happy, thrilled with life and nothing more.
That’s the real me.

Excerpt from notebook after being up in the mountains drawing those trees.

Astromelia drawing, Ben Curtis


What makes you feel like you?

4 thoughts on “Thrilled with Life

  1. What makes you feel like you?

    A feeling of peace of loving this moment. Where there is no inner “chatter” A walk in the woods no matter the weather were you feel free and alive almost floating along. That’s ME x


  2. Ben, I have recently joined your blog and am thrilled I did so. I am learning Spanish from Notes in Spanish and love the approach Marina and you have taken…
    I experience the “true”, the “happy me” when I am in a place (a city, a park, a beach, a restaurant, a job, a yoga class) and I get this feeling that I belong there, that I fit in, that this place is where I belong… A place where I am with like minded people who accept me as I am, who don’t judge. The genuine me.


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