Thanks DH

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Dear David Hockey,

This cyclamen, above, sits by our front door, and cheers me up now every time I come in or go out of the house.

I hardly ever noticed it until recently, when a painting of yours (Cyclamen, Mayflower Hotel, New York), got me looking at ours with real love and attention. It got me thinking, “Yes! I’ve got to draw our cyclamen myself!”

And just now I thought, I really should write to David Hockney and thank him.

So, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Thanks DH

  1. What a super drawing! Really cheery!!

    I would love it for my kitchen – I have a pink theme going on!!

    We have recently moved and I have bought some seeds so that my children and I can do some planting in our tiny garden. We are looking forward to the whole process and seeing things coming to fruition later in the year.


    1. Hi Siobhan,

      If you want a copy for your kitchen, you (or anyone!) can download it via this link:

      Then take it to your local copy shop or photo shop and get them to print it on photo paper at 17 x 22 cm, or about A5 🙂

      The seeds idea is great!


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