What is a day?

This morning I woke up and felt the presence of the day I’d started. A new day. And I suddenly thought, “What is a day?”

Every day, we start a new day.

What is a day?

Answers came…

It’s an opportunity.

It’s life. Now.

It’s all there is. Today.

It’s a sacred space for us to move through and explore.

I asked my 7 year-old on the way to school. He has the purest wisdom of the family, the wisdom of the very young. “What is a day for?” I asked.

He answered at once: “To enjoy”.

5 thoughts on “What is a day?

  1. I love your kid’s answer.

    We often make things more difficult than they should be. The simplest ones often make the most sense.

    Great post!


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