Scan 31


…A Sketch from a corner of our garden. It’s definitely a dandelion. I’d written a thousand words below it earlier this morning about Harlan Hubbard and how great his books are about a self-sufficient life on and by the Ohio river, and about having confidence in our own path as he did, but you know what?

There’s enough words out there in the world already for us today. My brain is full! I’m freeing up some space!

I highly recommend Harlan’s books though. I started with Payne Hollow, which really is the second part of his story, but I think it works well like that, and I’m only a little way into Shanty Boat.

Happy Spring. May you have time to enjoy much of its chaotic complexity (Harlan’s description).

135 words. That will do just fine.


2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Very nice drawing. Obviously I don’t truly know you, but to me you’re living the dream. Have a nice Spring Ben keep being happy!


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