2 thoughts on “Nature’s balancing act

  1. Did you move to San Lorenzo? You are there a lot. There are a lot of deer up there. See if you can get a picture of one. Follow Pharroah on You Tube for interesting hiking videos. He is in the San Gabriel mountains near Los Angeles my old haunts. His one man productions are sometimes more compelling than million dollar TV shows. I can send a link if needed.


    1. Hi Patrick,

      No I didn’t move there, not yet! Wouldn’t surprise me if we did one day though 🙂 I go there fairly often as I love it so much and it’s an easy drive. We did see four deer run past once while hiking in the woods, really belting down the hill, but only once in so many visits – they hide well…

      I’ve found Pharroah’s videos, I’ll check them out, thanks!


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