What a spectacular month June is! May is a wonder of wild flowers and the greenest month around Madrid, but here’s June, and although all the green at ground level will slowly turn to the warm umber shades of dried grasses, the tree tops are greener than ever and the weather is warming up wonderfully. It’s a month for shorts, T-shirts and sandals, and warm evening walks.

Although you can’t see it in the photo above, taken an hour ago on a wander around the neighbourhood, the air is full of fluffy white seed-flakes – like snowflakes, drifting happily along the streets and up into the sky. It gives the day an ethereal, dream-like quality. But then the earth is ethereal and dream-like, and this June I intend to be outside as much as possible to enjoy it.

In fact, I’ve taken the laptop and a chair outside into the garden, and am writing this in the fresh air – the new summer office 🙂

Ah, incomparable June! I’m so glad you are here!

4 thoughts on “June!

  1. Yo tambien, Ben. Bienvenido a junio!
    Nuestros parques son lllenos de familias – jugando, descansando.
    Frisbee, beisbol, bicis, parejas, columpios, camiones de helados. Los arboles tienen el verde nuevo, un color muy especial.
    Saludos de canada.
    Carlos N.


  2. Hola Ben,
    What a beautiful description you write about rejoicing in the delights of primavera in Espana! I am in my garden as i read your uplifting writing. I look at the overflowing green life and listen to the stillness of the morning as the songbirds greet the day and the promise of a warm day fills the Portland skies.
    Vale, I wanted to ask you if perhaps you and your family might be in the Asturias region in July as we will there for the month on vacation looking at the possibility of a relocation. We would love to meet you, Marina and your son.
    Gracias por todo!
    Miguel, Yanina and Gabriela Morejon


    1. Hi Miguel,

      What a beautiful description too of life in Portland! I don’t think we will be in Asturias in July, but if our plans change I’ll let you know. Good luck with the trip, how exciting!


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