Out Now: My New Book Notes on the Internet Dream.

The book that I’ve spend the last couple of months working hard on, Notes on the Internet Dream, is available now on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats!

I’ve always wanted to write about the seemingly bizzare series of events that led us to end up with our successful podcasting business, Notes in Spanish, and I’ve combined that story with lots of tips on how to get going on your own projects right now, everything we know about making money online, and exactly how our business and our website works.

Plus there’s a ‘philosophy of life’ section covering subjects such as how much money one really needs to make, how to not go crazy working from home, and what wonderful things can be done with a few-hour-workweek (like organising mindfulness tours for Zen Masters!)

The book contains the personal advice, secrets, techniques and information I share with close friends who want to start something online or get a business off the ground.

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Here’s the book trailer with more information:

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Thank you so much!