Selfish walking meditation photography

After loving photography for most of my childhood and adult life, I sort of gave up a few years ago, put off by the amount of time it was bringing me back to the computer – where I was spending far too much time for work already. But recently that has changed…

I bought a new camera to make videos for our Spanish learning website, and it has got me back out onto the streets again….

I’ve also been inspred by a couple of photographers I discovered randomly on the web, Mattias Burling, and Eric Kim, especially his posts on Selfish Photography and Walking Meditation in Street Photography

So I’ve been spending a lot of time walking the streets of Madrid and El Escorial (the first three pictures in this post), taking Selfish Photos – photos I like, rather than thinking how many likes they may get on Instagram…

I was particularly keen on getting an umbrella photo…

I love this one, ‘greeting the chef…’

This dog on the train, such doleful eyes… so loving…

A wonderful building rising from the trees like a great ship…

Eric Kim says it takes 100,000 photos to get a good one, and he may be right. I took these last two about ten years ago, and I think they are my current favourites of all time. From the streets of Cordoba, and Madrid.

I’m thinking it’s worth far more to get out onto the streets of Madrid to do something that makes me happy, than to be thinking about happiness all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

14 thoughts on “Selfish walking meditation photography

    1. Thanks Ian. I really like black and white, it’s such a curious thing that to take colour out of the world becomes so interesting.


  1. Beautiful contrast in the black and white shots! In 2017, I challenged myself to take one good photo a day for the year. You are right about the number you have to take to get a good one. And about how it’s a path to happiness! Thanks for sharing your photos. Seeing them made me happy!


  2. Glad to see your photos again. Always beautiful and humane.
    I have missed them.
    Love the little girl and perhaps her grandmother. You feel their relationship even from behind.


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