Being Happiness Podcast 1 – Planet Earth is Still Wonderful

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Welcome to the first episode of the Being Happiness podcast, I’d love it if you listen and leave me a comment. In this show I look at the idea that beyond today’s media, if we listen to the voices that show human life is improving, and look at the beauty of the world around us, we can find great happiness and meaning in our lives.

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About starting this podcast (and anything new).

I set about starting this podcast a year ago, recorded an episode, became filled with doubt (‘is it the right thing to do with my time right now?’) and imposter’s syndrome (‘who am I to talk about such important things as meaning and happiness?’), and shelved the idea. Now I’m ready to do it, and perhaps that’s just the way life works, but I also realised a few important things in the past week or so:

1. There is no point in not doing something because it might mean I don’t do something else I’m not doing either.

2. If I don’t do something, I can’t find out where it might take me.

3. Doubt and imposters syndrome are negative mental constructs that are not self-serving or in any way interesting if you want to pursue an interesting, meaningful life. They are to be gotten over!

And with that, here is the first episode of the Being Happiness podcast. Please subscribe in Apple Podcasts/iTunes if you use them, do leave me a comment, and let’s see where this goes.

The book mentioned in this podcast is Enlightenment Now by Stephen Pinker.

2 thoughts on “Being Happiness Podcast 1 – Planet Earth is Still Wonderful

  1. Hi Ben, I just love the simplicity and the greatness of what you propose. Looking around and seeing the beauty that is around us is for me the most powerful way of enjoy life. I am not always there, but when I am, it really fills me with enthusiasm.
    Sometimes I receive presents from Nature… birds flying over my house, someone smiling in the street or, I must confess my favourite, dogs coming to me and the time I spend with them.
    I used to read the newspaper first thing in the morning and it made me feel bad inside most of the times, so I recently began to read a book or an inspiring web.
    I am happy to have now your podcasts as I was happy to receive in my email your blog because I know this is different, this will probably make me feel better inside, connected to life.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you Olga for your lovely comment, it’s made me very happy. I love seeing flocks of birds flying overhead as well, it always makes me smile.


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