Being Happiness Podcast 2 – Look After Today

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In today’s Being Happiness podcast, ‘Look After Today’, Ben talks about the origins of his interest in mindfulness, trips to Plum Village, and the importance of looking after every day as the best way we have of taking care of the future.

Links to books and podcasts mentioned in this episode:

Peace is Every Step – Thich Nhat Hanh – The book that introduced me to mindfulness and led me to Plum Village.

Being Peace in a World of Trauma – On Being podcast with Police Officer Cheri Maples and Thich Nhat Hanh – ‘I know that if you know how to handle the present moment right, with our best [intention], then that is about everything you can do for the future. That is why I’m at peace with myself.’

‘10% Happier with Dan Harris’ and George Mumford – The mindful sports coach – ‘Manage this moment and then that will affect the next moment. Manage this day and it will affect the next. It really is as simple as that’.

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4 thoughts on “Being Happiness Podcast 2 – Look After Today

  1. Ben I really enjoyed your podcast today, especially how you used the analogies of weather to examine how am I feeling in this moment. I also strive to live in the moment and hearing about the experiences of others in the same path helps me to maintain mine as well.
    Happy new year


  2. Hi Ben, thanks for these two podcasts and congratulations on getting it underway. I have been following your text blog for a while and it is good to hear your voice. One small admin request (which I suspect you already have planned): is it feasible please to make the podcasts available — like Notes In Spanish — via a subscription service other than Apple/iTues for Android users, for example Google Podcasts? It is currently possible to download from your webpage, however it is one less administrative task if this could occur automatically via subscription. Many thanks and best wishes, Andrew


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