Being Happiness Podcast 3 – What Fulfills Us

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In today’s episode Ben talks about a surprising day where he learned a lot about what leads to fulfillment in life, how easy it is to abandon our needs in favour of achievement-seeking, and how to reconnect with what those needs really are.

Things mentioned in this podcast

– Ben’s blog post: Dear Mum, I can’t change the world

– Non-Violent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg: This workshop video on YouTube is pretty comprehensive. If you prefer just audio I also very much like this 2 hour, 2 part audio program from Sounds True, Speaking Peace. If you want the most complete experience, the original 5 hour Non-violent Communication audiobook is wonderful.

Non-Violent Communication has completely changed the way I communicate with and listen to my wife and kids, all to the benefit of our relationships. More on that in another episode…

2 thoughts on “Being Happiness Podcast 3 – What Fulfills Us

  1. WOW, the video on Youtube by Marshall Rosenberg is awesome, one of the best things I have ever seen. He really had the ability to make you see things as they really are. I love it and I am to trying to put giraffe language in practice from now on. Thank you for letting me know about him and non-violence communication. Looking forward for this afternoon cause I’m going to have time enough to watch de whole thing


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