Being Happiness Podcast 9 – Ending All Stress and Achievement Anxiety

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Today I look at all the reasons for stress, and how to solve each one, plus, achievement anxiety, how to change the way we think about what really matters, what good achievement really consists of, and how to be in peace with almost no achievement at all!

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4 thoughts on “Being Happiness Podcast 9 – Ending All Stress and Achievement Anxiety

  1. Completely relate to everything you address and talk about. I know what you mean about the pleasure that comes from completing small tasks in the house or garden or wherever, once it is outside. I think it has something to do with the fact that you do it for yourself. Once it’s done it’s done and you can take pleasure in the fact that it’s fully completed. It may also be the enjoyment of using movement and strength and brainpower and precision with tools you don’t normally use daily . It gets you out of your routine. As years go by the work I do seated at a desk brings far less enjoyment or when it does bring enjoyment it’s all too brief.


    1. Thanks Ken, I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in this. I think you are right about the combination of using tools, brainpower, strength and precision. It works on a completely different level to looking at the screen.


  2. This really spoke to me Ben. Thanks. Am lying on the floor listening to my wind chimes now and trying to believe it is ok to do that. A friend told me I have a fear of a vacuum. For example if my plans change and I don’t have to do X after all then instead of taking time to relax I fill the time doing Y and Z and exhaust myself. Am having a think about that as the wind plays music with my chimes. Go well. Mandy xx


    1. I know just what you mean Mandy. I usually fill voids as well. Then again, so does nature! So perhaps we can forgive ourselves. Enjoy the wind chimes!


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