Starting something new… Now!

Our new podcast’s cover art

My wife Marina and I started a new podcast last week for our Spanish-teaching website Notes in Spanish. It’s called “3 Words for Ascuas“. We made episode 1 and put it out into the world the next day. She said, “Let’s record a few more before we put the first one out, it’s good to have a few in the bag just in case we can’t record one week for some reason.” And I said, “No, let’s put the first one out now, and next week we’ll make another, and if one week we can’t put one out, it doesn’t matter, but we need to get episode 1 out now!”

She sighed, she knows what I’m like. So I put together some cover art myself (above) in Photoshop in about an hour, found some intro music on a music library website I found via Google, and that was it, our new podcast was made and launched in 24-hours flat.

Now it may have been a better idea to get a profesional to do the cover art, to record a few other episodes to have just in case as Marina suggested, but I think we would have lost the joyous immediacy of just getting going…

In my book Notes on the Internet Dream, about how we started our Spanish podcasting business, I wrote about the importance of starting imperfectly, as soon as possible:

“… don’t worry about being tech-savvy, don’t hang around, don’t worry about having a vast, complex business plan (you’ll only end up changing it as you follow your nose along the unimagined paths the real world feeds back to you), and just get on with it. Today. Start that blog now! Get recording your new podcast this morning! You’ll make endless mistakes, put out some very mediocre things to start with, but you can forgive yourself, because if you didn’t begin imperfectly, you’d never get going in the first place.”

I think it really is that simple. Just start. Imperfectly. Get on with it! Get it out into the world. We published our second episode of “3 Words for Ascuas” today, we’re getting some great feedback and listener contributions, and best of all, we are enjoying recording it immensely. Go on then, get going with your imperfect idea now 🙂

2 thoughts on “Starting something new… Now!

  1. Love, love, LOVE your bravery in putting it out there without a second thought. Love all the “word love” in this episode (and I’ve not even listened yet but I absolutely devoured all the vocab in the episode notes!) And I love how inspired you’ve made me feel to embrace the “joyous immediacy”, as you so beautifully put it. Looking forward to having a listen. ¡Enhorabuena!


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