The View from the Window

The Neighbours Window

There is a beautiful house over the road from us. Huge plant behind the window in their front room. I’ve been meaning to draw it or paint it for weeks. Their window from our window. The tree in front. The leafless creepers on the wall. And that plant – it glows such a rich green in the morning light.

Today I had a day off, a late breakfast, and afterwards I stayed at the kitchen table and vowed not to move until I discovered what I really wanted to do today. Not just go and open the computer and do the usual fake-work admin cr*p I do when I don’t know what to do with myself. So I sat and waited and ideas kept popping into my head, and I’d knock them away, ‘no, don’t really want to do that… nope, or that…’ After about 20 minutes of this I thought about grabbing the iPad and painting the house opposite at last. Yes! I really did want to do that!