Turner Sea and Skies

Our four-year-old’s Turneresque sea

The watercolour above, by our 4-year-old, sent me straight off looking for William turner paintings. I knew it reminding me of something…

It has elements of Turner’s wild, typhonic “Slave ship“:

The Slave Ship, William Turner

… of the motion of his Rain, steam and speed:

Rain, steam and speed, William Turner

And the peace of his Norham Castle, Sunrise:

Norham Castle, Sunrise, William Turner

If you can find it, I highly recommend Mike Leigh’s biopic Mr Turner with Timothy Spall, a fantastic film.

Funny, isn’t it. You can spend a lifetime learning how to paint the absolute rawness of nature – at its most peaceful or its most wild – like William Turner, or start your lifetime painting things that have just the same wildness or peace when you are four:

By our 4-year-old