His Mind like Fabrics of the East.

Everydays numbers 23 and 24:

His Mind like Fabrics of the East.

We can but follow to the Sun

‘His Mind like Fabrics of the East’ and ‘We can but follow to the Sun’ are both first lines of poems by Emily Dickinson. Most of the picture comes first, then I find the first line from an index of her poems, and the picture changes a little to accommodate it, like the addition of the sun above. The inspiration comes from hearing Roni Horn talk about Emily Dickinson’s first lines, like each of them are poems in themselves. It’s very true. They stand alone quite amazingly.

Perhaps the drawn lines in the second picture come from years travelling to the Basque Country and seeing drawings by the wonderful Eduardo Chillida hanging in bars and restaurants.

If anyone is following these drawings every day, do let me know in the comments. I’m curious 🙂

4 thoughts on “His Mind like Fabrics of the East.

  1. Hi Ben, I am following your daily pics and reflections and am really enjoying your authenticity. For me, some genuinely beautiful and resonating moments in both your words and your mark making. Thank you. Some of your images would make great screen prints I think. I listened to the Roni Horn interview yesterday and am now subscribed to the podcast. I’ve just started mark making again which In my case its on to glass for firing. I’m working on a stained glass piece as a way of processing recent loss.


    1. Hi Bee, thank you so much for your comment, I hadn’t thought of screen printing but one of my sisters has a lot of experience with it. I may try that one day. I like the idea of moving images onto more tangible objects, working with stained glass sounds fascinating. Art really is a wonderful way of processing things in life. I made a picture yesterday connected to a loss from long ago but am not sure yet if I will publish it. Perhaps I will write about it later this week. Saludos from Madrid.


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