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Wonderful Oxford Aunt

Listen to a new podcast from Ben – (formerly the Being Happiness podcast, now Notes from Ben):

Recorded in the woods near El Escorial, I talk about creativity, sharing what you create, making art everyday, reading or not reading the news, and artist Agnes Martin and the film about her life Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World.

Please feel free to comment below, especially if you’d like to hear more of these podcasts.

Drawing above: Everyday number 40 – Wonderful Oxford Aunt. Neocolor wax crayons. More drawings on my Instagram page.

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2 thoughts on “Notes from Ben Podcast – Everyday Art

  1. Love the pic of your wonderful Oxford aunt! And the sentiments in this episode.
    I can’t help feeling that you are ready to move out of the city. You seem to seek out green spaces all the time as I did when I lived in London. I moved to Wales then to las Alpujarras 24 years ago. Have followed you and Marina off and on for years. Followed in the loose, old fashioned sense. Keep going! Thanks.😀


    1. Thanks Mandy, yes, I was just thinking the same yesterday. I go to the countryside as many times as I can in the week. Luckily it’s just 45 mins from where we are in the suburbs of Madrid, but it did occur to me it would save a lot of time and petrol to just live there! Thanks for your comment. Lucky you to live in the Alpujarras, such a lovely place.


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