This video is a series of ink drawings done over the past two days, which turned unexpectedly into a series which nicely mirrors itself. The inspiration comes from drawings by Antony Gormley, whose work has been inspiring be enormously over the past few days, mostly via documentaries about his artistic life on YouTube.

The music, to my surprise, is a piano piece I recorded a few years ago after hearing the opening bars in a dream just as I was waking up one Saturday morning. I got up while everyone slept, and played what I’d heard on our electric piano while recording it onto the laptop. I can’t “play” the piano (just mess around with it sometimes) and don’t think I could play this again. Hence my surprise! Here’s the full piece:

2 thoughts on “Door

  1. Uncle Colin must be very proud of you, Ben. The portrait, the video, and the music all jump out to reveal the inner Ben like never before. ¡Enhorabuena!


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