Creative Regeneration

First snow, Sierra de Madrid

After a period of creative stagnation, and with a big desire to get ourselves going again, my wife and I came up with a Creative Regeneration Plan, which looks like this:

1. Travel to new places – 10km away or 500 km away, there is nothing like exploring somewhere new.

2. Talk to nice people/More social life – Interesting conversations with other people breathe life into existence.

3. Read, watch and listen to great artist creations – All great creativity inspires great creativity.

4. Create!
– Drawing
– Writing
– Blogging
– Photography
– And so on! Just create and share some of it!

5. Sport and exercise – Creativity is attracted to movement!

6. Get out to the cafes, libraries, park, wherever to work – Working in the living room is OK for a bit, but seeing life beyond the four walls of the home is transformative!

7. Less family drama, and drama in general – Drama… “she said this, he did that, isn’t such and such a situation terrible, did you hear about…” how we love to jump around in that mud! But it’s mostly a big squiggly mess of useless energy-sapping nonsense and life is much clearer, neater, and more expansive without too much of it!

8. Get out and about!

That’s the plan. Items from this list need to be put into action every day!

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