On Disastrous Meditation Sessions

I was telling a friend about how I’ve been getting up at 6am for the last couple of months to meditate before the rest of the house wakes up.

‘This morning was a total disaster,’ I said, ‘thoughts going wild the whole time.’

‘Hmmm,’ she said, ‘it’s interesting, meditation gives us a lot of information. Like the fact you call it a total disaster, that you judge yourself like that.’

‘Oh,’ I replied, ‘yes, really negative self-judgement….’ And to compound that negative self-judgement, I was momentarily pissed off with myself for having judged myself!

But she was absolutely right. One of the cornerstones of mindfulness is its non-judgemental character. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever comes up, comes up. In life as much as on the meditation cushion (or chair, in my case). No need for judgement, one way or the other. Just be with it.

I’m very grateful to that friend for her comment. I hope to refrain from classifying meditation sessions (or anything else!) as disastrous. And if I do, I’ll smile happily at the passing moment of judgement, and let it go.