There is only…

There is only this one life
There is only this year
There is only this month
There is only this day
There is only this hour
There is only this minute
There is only this second
There is only this moment
There is only this instant
There is only now
There is only
There is

There is only this day – what else exists apart from it? There is only this day, how wonderful! No need to worry about tomorrow! Or next week! Or yesterday! Just live today! With all your might! And what is today made up of? Moments… No, even smaller bits than that… Instants…. Ever-evolving iterations of Now. Now is wonderful, wondrous, awe-inspiring – …when you really stop to look. Now is the best. Now is when we are alive! Now is unsurmountable. Now is Fascinating, Infinite, Incredible. How lucky we are!

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