Unstuffing: How to avoid getting more stuff in the future?

Seeing as the simplification/un-‘stuffing’ process takes so long, I’m increasingly keen not to have to go through this again and again in the future. “It’s impossible,” says my brother-in-law, “things just keep pouring into the home, you just can’t help it – clothes, gadgets, toys…” “Yes,” replies my wife, “I went shopping the other dayContinue reading “Unstuffing: How to avoid getting more stuff in the future?”

There is no hurry

I’ve been in a hurry all my life, call it habit energy, and increasingly I’m receiving the same message from different quarters – there is no hurry!

What do I actually need to be happy?

As I go through the massive simplification/un-‘stuffing’ process, lots of interesting questions have come up. For example, what does one actually need in life to be happy? Certainly not all that stuff. As I reduce and reduce, I’ve been thinking forward to a point where I’m left with the bare essentials. It seems to meContinue reading “What do I actually need to be happy?”

Simplification/Unstuffing Resistance

“…but you can’t get rid of …” The hardest thing in the Unstuffing-simplification process are the voices of resistance in your head that say “What? Are you mad? You can’t get rid of…” and there you can just fill the blank. “Deleting that novel you wrote? It might be a masterwork, surely you’ll want toContinue reading “Simplification/Unstuffing Resistance”