Unstuffing: How to avoid getting more stuff in the future?

Seeing as the simplification/un-‘stuffing’ process takes so long, I’m increasingly keen not to have to go through this again and again in the future. “It’s impossible,” says my brother-in-law, “things just keep pouring into the home, you just can’t help it – clothes, gadgets, toys…” “Yes,” replies my wife, “I went shopping the other dayContinue reading “Unstuffing: How to avoid getting more stuff in the future?”

There is no hurry

I’ve been in a hurry all my life, call it habit energy, and increasingly I’m receiving the same message from different quarters – there is no hurry!

What do I actually need to be happy?

As I go through the massive simplification/un-‘stuffing’ process, lots of interesting questions have come up. For example, what does one actually need in life to be happy? Certainly not all that stuff. As I reduce and reduce, I’ve been thinking forward to a point where I’m left with the bare essentials. It seems to meContinue reading “What do I actually need to be happy?”