BOOK COVER INTERNET DREAM7 for 6x9 bookNotes on the Internet DreamReach the Whole World, Free Up Your Life, Love What You Do

The story of how a 10-minute conversation in Spanish turned into a series of podcasts, Notes in Spanish, with over 31 million downloads so far.

Including all the things that allowed us to leave our ‘real jobs’ over 10 years ago, to earn more than we did before, to pay off the mortgage 25 years ahead of time, to reach thousands of people all over the world, and work a very-few-hour workweek so we could pursue other dreams as well. This book can help you get your ideas off the ground, make a huge difference to your potential success, to how much money you can make, to how long your business will last, and to how much free time you can have.

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errant cover
Errant in Iberia – Journeys through a new life in Spain…

The inspirational story of moving to a new country with nothing, then really living your dreams.

Turning up in Madrid without a word of Spanish, Ben soon finds a job, beautiful language exchanges, amazing journeys to the depths of Spain, and wild fiestas. Then he meets Marina, buys a scarily run-down flat in Madrid’s wild Lavapies neighbourhood, and really takes the cultural plunge.

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