Everyday no.21

The idea is to post a new artwork every day, started that same day (no posting old or ongoing stuff!) The idea is to get better – by creating art every single day from scratch.

Posting online, in public (and before midnight) means I really make an effort, instead of blasting out some crap sketch no-one sees!

It helps to get inspiration from looking at other people’s art/creativity, and not pay too much attention to likes – they easily skew creative fun and freedom (“this got lots of likes, I’ll do more of that!”) Just do whatever I feel like every day. Explore and enjoy!

If I miss a day, forget it and carry on. It’s a numbers game! Some days will be horrible (process or result), some will be wonderful (process or result!)

The latest Everydays will be here on the blog, and most likely on  Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks to Beeple for the idea 🙂

This was Day 1, March 4th 2021:

Everyday no.1