Notes from Ben Podcast – Land Art


Today’s podcast is all about Land art, and particularly two of its great artists, Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy.

Mentioned and not mentioned in the podcast:

Richard Long meets Nitin Sawhney – a nice podcast encounter

Rivers and Tides – Andy Goldsworthy’s first documentary

Leaning into the Wind – More recent Andy Goldsworthy documentary


This video is a series of ink drawings done over the past two days, which turned unexpectedly into a series which nicely mirrors itself. The inspiration comes from drawings by Antony Gormley, whose work has been inspiring be enormously over the past few days, mostly via documentaries about his artistic life on YouTube.

The music, to my surprise, is a piano piece I recorded a few years ago after hearing the opening bars in a dream just as I was waking up one Saturday morning. I got up while everyone slept, and played what I’d heard on our electric piano while recording it onto the laptop. I can’t “play” the piano (just mess around with it sometimes) and don’t think I could play this again. Hence my surprise! Here’s the full piece:

Notes from Ben Podcast – Everyday Art

Wonderful Oxford Aunt

Listen to a new podcast from Ben – (formerly the Being Happiness podcast, now Notes from Ben):

Recorded in the woods near El Escorial, I talk about creativity, sharing what you create, making art everyday, reading or not reading the news, and artist Agnes Martin and the film about her life Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World.

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Drawing above: Everyday number 40 – Wonderful Oxford Aunt. Neocolor wax crayons. More drawings on my Instagram page.

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Everyday number 39. Quiet. A great uncle, glasses removed, slightly transformed, different light. I’ve been looking at El Greco and for some reason that’s translating into ecclesiastical colours, the ‘crack where the light gets in’, what’s behind what we see everyday in front. Pencil drawing transported into Photoshop.