Notes from Ben Podcast – Everyday Art

Listen to a new podcast from Ben – (formerly the Being Happiness podcast, now Notes from Ben): Recorded in the woods near El Escorial, I talk about creativity, sharing what you create, making art everyday, reading or not reading the news, and artist Agnes Martin and the film about her life Agnes Martin: With MyContinue reading “Notes from Ben Podcast – Everyday Art”


Everyday number 39. Quiet. A great uncle, glasses removed, slightly transformed, different light. I’ve been looking at El Greco and for some reason that’s translating into ecclesiastical colours, the ‘crack where the light gets in’, what’s behind what we see everyday in front. Pencil drawing transported into Photoshop.


Everyday number 37. Today we walked up to the highest mountain in Madrid’s Sierra Guadarrama, over 2400m. From the top you can see Segovia, like a tiny toy city, thousands of hectares of pine forest, endless peaks. And you cross a snow and rock moonscape in the last 40 minutes or so to reach the zenith.Continue reading “Peñalara”


Everydays numbers 35 and 36. Yesterday and today. I missed Friday, that’s OK, can’t get too obsessive about this. Making art every day is wonderful, posting it online sometimes doesn’t fit with a life with enough rest. So ‘most days’ will do. Today: Finding a quiet place (for my wife) in my dream. (Map) Yesterday: QuietContinue reading “Quiet”